No Aloha: The Big One

Lead by main songwriters, Brette Irish and Blake Ferrin, No Aloha is a five piece band based in Portland, currently in preparations for their forthcoming full length, due out in 2019.

The Big One is the first single off the coming album, a light-hearted dreampop song which wins you over through its warmth and gentleness.

"The song is about being in a big earthquake and only being able to worry what your crush is doing," singer/songwriter, Brette Irish, reveals about the concept behind the band's new single.

If you have never felt an earthquake, it's not something you should be looking forward to. These guys' album surely is though, at least from the first looks and sounds of it.

Irish has also signed as a solo artist with indie label, Good Cheer Records, home to some of Portland's finest underground pop music.

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