Lazy Legs // Lacing Split

Michael Tenzer and Laura Wagner, also known as the dynamic shoegaze/grunge duo, Lazy Legs, are at it again, and this time in good company. Lazy Legs and Tennessee-based shoegazers, Lacing, deliver three songs each, in an excellent, noisy and characterful split release that presents both bands in great shape and full of ideas.

Lazy Legs' side, centered around the anxiety-driven focal point, Limbo, finds the band indulging on the more explosive, more grunge-inclined and heavier aspect of their fuzzy sound, while they don't seem to have completely given up on their softer side, especially when it comes to the ethereal vocals.

Similarly, all three of Lacing's contributions do not fail to impress through the band's signature obscurity and gazey heaviness, intertwined with moments of smoothness and clarity.

This is underground shoegaze flawlessness, a release which showcases the solid sound and creativity of two bands that complement each other in charming cacophonous harmony.

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