Roaming Herds of Buffalo: Does NOT Exist

Adventurously multifaceted and totally unrestrained indie rock act, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, from Seattle, Washington, follow their last LP, The Bugbears, from earlier in the year, with another full length in such quick succession, sounding in great form and excitedly creative.

Does NOT Exist is the opening piece to Mountain Rabbit, a wild and candid record whose boundaries is not easily confined to a specific style and genre, not unlike how the skillful quintet has done things in the past.

Getting a bit charmingly existential, and going crazy on heavy, bluesy psychedelic rock, noise rock and stoner rock, the piece is the perfect introduction to the unconventional character which Roaming Herds of Buffalo have developed during the course of six wonderful, unsung releases, and their few notable years of zealous DIY creativity.

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