Alpaca Sports: I'll Do Anything You Want

Full of traditional indie pop vigor and excellence, Sweden's Alpaca Sports recently released their long in the making LP, From Paris With Love, on independent label Elefant Records.

Having being produced by genre specialist, Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, Field Mice), Alpaca Sports' new album sounds fantastically sharp, and single after marvelous single it has all been very convincing for its cleverness and ingenuity. Now album opener, I'll Do Anything You Want, comes with a naturally quirky video, and it's being released as a single alongside an unreleased track, In The Sand, another fine specimen of the band's fineness.

For the making of I’ll Do Anything You Want, both Andreas Jonsson and Lisle Mitnik cite the great Orange Juice as a major influence. Andreas explains: "When I sent the first demo to Lisle I remember I felt quite unhappy about it, because I wasn’t able to make it sound near as good as it sounded in my head. I wanted it to feel very dancy with jangly guitars and bouncy drums, and the Glasgow band Orange Juice was a big inspiration. I mentioned this to Lisle and the next day I received an amazing demo which was better than I could ever imagine."

Lisle offers his own point of view: "The timing was good for me, because I was listening a lot to Orange Juice's second record at the time, so I think it was subconscious to make the drums and guitar a bit like Rip it Up. I think because Andreas was so pleased with what I did with the first demo, he allowed me to indulge in making the guitar solo the two-part fuzz-distortion part we ended up with. I was imagining something a bit like the intro to Belle and Sebastian’s I’m a Cuckoo or The Beatles’ And Your Bird Can Sing there, and so I’m happy Andreas let me get crazy with it."

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