Public Memory: Red Rainbow

Following the upcoming album's opener and lead single, The Line, Brooklyn's Public Memory has unveiled one more invigorating, prominent single off Demolition, the artist's second full length, set for release on November 9th, 2018 via Felte.

Red Rainbow is another piece of genre fusing excellence, pairing krautrock with trip-hop, modern electronica, darkwave and synthpop, once more showcasing Robert Toher's (previously of ERAAS and Apse) admirable, dark and unbound musicianship.

As far as Massive Attack likenesses go, Public Memory's variant stands as the most original it can get, with each track revealed thus far emerging more engaging than the other, exploring profound, esoteric themes which deal with new beginnings and self contemplation. Red Rainbow builds steadily into a climactic, moody piece that never ceases to amaze through its outstanding production and brilliant arrangement.

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