Glasir: Black Seas of Eternity

Texan post rockers, Glasir, follow their acclaimed EP, Unborn, with their new album, New Dark Age, their first release in three years, once again on Elusive Sound, and once again showcasing their unquestionably artful musicianship.

As the world of science constantly comes up with dismal reports and warnings about global warming and climate change, news which simply cannot and should not be overlooked anymore, Glasir's new album tackles that delicate subject, and rightfully dares to question humanity's domination over the mighty forces of nature, hoping for its survival, and echoing the concerns of everyone

"(...) we hope by these songs to set the scene for a new kind of battle, one which we cannot win, but one which we may survive," the band shares in a statement, presenting a forceful instrumental record which emerges as gloomy as it is vigilant, dark and wide awake at the same time, bringing together the expected post rock tunefulness with a heavier sound, in a similar manner to their previous breakthrough release, but with a fresher and more unrestrained approach, sounding livelier and more enthused than ever.

A little short on twelve minutes, Black Seas of Eternity, is the LP's centerpiece, and one of the heaviest post rock numbers of the year, more of which the album has plenty to offer.

Glasir consists of Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums, and in the course of three years these guys have managed to come up with two impressive firsts: an EP and an album, both of which include some of the finest post rock we've heard in a while which stands on the heavier end of the genre's spectrum.

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