BRUIT ≤: The Fall (Live at Elixir)

Unreserved and wearing the genre fusing qualities of their music on their sleeves, BRUIT ≤ is a contemporary post rock quartet which has emerged from the ashes of the several pop bands its members have cut their teeth on.

Pairing ambient post rock with classical elements, richly instrumented and coming on with its notable cinematic character, the band's phenomenal live performance video for their 14-minute epic, The Fall, is an absolute stunner which will fill your soul with sound, and have you hypnotized and eventually make you pick up your jaw off the floor.

Based in Toulouse, France, BRUIT are Clément Libes (bass, violin, synths), Damien Gouzou (drums, percussion), Théophile Antolinos (guitar) and Luc Blanchot (cello). Their first EP, Monolith, is out now on Elusive Sound.

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