Public Memory: The Line

Public Memory is the project of Brooklyn-based producer, Robert Toher (previously of ERAAS & Apse), who will be releasing his sophomore full length, Demolition, on November 9th, 2018 via Felte.

Public Memory takes his diverse sound which collects inspiration from krautrock to trip hop, to even greater lengths, emerging more daring and fearless than ever.

"I set out to make a larger, more widescreen kind of album," Toher explains. "I wanted it to feel more in focus, with harder edges, more discern-able lyrics. More clarity… I wanted to explore more and go to places I hadn't been before."

The forthcoming album's supersensible opener, The Line, offers a fine taste of the album's exploratory qualities, standing out for its well strung together and masterfully executed production, as well as for the vast range of emotion that the song evokes.

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