Foxxxy Mulder: Everything in Bloom / Ghost

Coming out of Seattle, WA and Fairbanks, AK, Foxxxy Mulder are delivering their excellent fusion of post punk and darkwave in the form of a full length for the first time. The duo comprised of Kori Hensell and David Kumler will be releasing their debut LP, Heretic, on September 21st, 2018.

A couple of tracks off the upcoming record have surfaced so far, both accompanied by fantastic, highly artistic videos, which appear in perfect compatibility with the music's alluring darkness. Ghost uses footage from old horror films, taking its inspiration from the past's witch persecutions to a whole different level, while the most recently revealed album opener, Everything in Bloom, comes with a beautiful pastiche of original visuals.

Throwing in elements from a more fuzzy and hazy dreampop and shoegaze-y sound, as well as influence from chillwave-like electronica, Foxxxy Mulder have come up with a splendid, impossible to miss debut, and one of the most multifarious records we've heard this year.

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