Mudhoney: Kill Yourself Live

Going very strong thirty years after their first release as Mudhoney, Mark Arm and company will be following 2013's Vanishing Point with a new album, titled Digital Garbage and coming out September 28th, 2018 via Sub Pop.

"My sense of humor is dark, and these are dark times. I suppose it’s only getting darker," says Arm in a statement, confirmed with the unveiling of the first single and video off the album.

Apart from the clever satire that Kill Yourself Live provides about present times, and the implications of the social media culture in modern society, its accompanying video, created by director Carlos Lopez, is a blasphemous work of art which parodies the last days of Jesus Christ, and draws parallels to today's social communication craziness.

"People really seem to find validation in the likes - and then there’s Facebook Live, where people have streamed torture and murder, or, in the case of Philando Castile, getting murdered by a cop," Mark Arm goes into more detail about the new single. "In the course of writing that song, I thought about how, once you put something out there online, you can’t wipe it away. It’s always going to be there - even if no one digs it up, it’s still out there floating somewhere."

Lopez has worked with Mudhoney before for their videos for The Only Son of the Widow From Nain and I Like It Small, as well as on videos for Dude York and La Luz.

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