Esben And the Witch: The Unspoiled / Dull Gret

Two years after their acclaimed previous album, Older Terrors, Brighton three piece, Esben And the Witch return with a new full length. Nowhere comes out November 16th, 2018 on Season of Mist, and it has been introduced by a couple of new, captivating tracks, both very exciting and over six minutes long.

The haunting and radical, Dull Gret, is a tribute to the headstrong women who dare to disagree and fight the system, while The Unspoiled presents a more doom-inclined approach, and slowly builds into a culmination of powerful, beautiful noise, combining components from post rock, extreme metal and gothic rock.

Esben And the Witch, comprised by Rachel Davies, Thomas Fisher and Daniel Copeman, have been very consistent on all four of their full lengths so far, and it seems like they're coming up with something that once again will be making a strong impression.

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