The Vega Bodegas: A Complete History of Witchcraft

Cardiff post punk/indie rockers, The Vega Bodegas, emerge robustly with their debut album, A Complete History of Witchcraft, and its vigorous title track which is also the latest entry in Libertino's Ghost Disco singles club, due out on August 31st, 2018.

Echoing the smart lyricism of The Fall, the passion and intensity of The Pixies, and the zing of more underappreciated acts like Clinic, Ikara Colt or Mission of Burma, A Complete History of Witchcraft sounds too rugged and biting for the mainstream, but enticing enough to attract all kinds of audiences.

The song is certainly a standout for the band's recently released LP, still, the eccentricity does not stop there. According to main vocalist, Jimmy Watkins, (ex-Future Of The Left and Strange News From Another Star) the band's debut is "about aliens, love, monkeys, earthquakes and food."

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