Henry Nowhere: Not Going Back

With a lively lo-fi bedroom pop sound, and balancing between themes of nostalgia and a more heartening style of production and instrumentation, Henry Nowhere follows his rosy single from last month, Problems of the Heart, with another excellent tune, this time tackling themes of escapism.

"The feeling of being lost and content is a recurring theme in my writing," the up and coming songwriter details. "There is a big part of me that wants to drop it all, wander about and appreciate the worlds wonder. I know this impulse does not make me special in the least. For me music serves the purpose of giving the listener that sort of care free getaway in a 3 minute bite-size form. That was my goal for this song and most of the EP for that matter."

Not Going Back is the forthcoming EP's title track, and another fine example of Henry Nowhere's unfeigned creativity.

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