Finn Andrews: Love, What Can I Do?

Over the course of five albums with The Veils, the band he started when he was only 16, Finn Andrews has proven his great value as a creator and worthy successor to his father Barry Andrews' (of XTC and League of Gentlemen) inestimable legacy.

We last saw him with The Veils at the Roadhouse, performing a hair raising rendition of Axoloti, as part of the latest season of Twin Peaks, and now driven and evidently determined, Andrews launches his solo career with an intriguing new single.

"I’ve got Love, What Can I Do? right at the top of the record," explains the artist, offering more insight about the new song and his forthcoming solo endeavors. "I had a feeling it would be the first track, mostly because I just loved that opening chord. My dad often teaches me a weird piano chord when he comes to visit; I always ask for new ones because I only know chords that are sort of obvious or ones that other people have taught me. It’s a cool little chord and I thought it was a nice one to begin the record with. All the vocals are done long, which is something I’ve tried to do with The Veils but things always end up getting cut up. But this one was start-to-finish in the room. I’m not even wearing headphones; I wanted it to be as much like playing a live show as possible. I love how intimate it is, I’ve wanted to write a song like that for a while."

Single cover art by Chris Wormell.

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