D//E Playlist: Synthesized Eighteen

Two quarters into 2018, there is not shadow of a doubt that this has been a fine period for retro pop and synthwave, styles that thrive, hold up strong and look the future straight in the eye. Or is it the past...?

Synthesized Eighteen compiles twenty of our favorite tracks from a wide variety of synthwave that washed upon us this year. From songs that have been around a while, like the fine latest release from Lazerpunk, to older unreleased material like that of Anoraak about which we recently wrote, to forthcoming releases such as the solo LP by FM-84's Ollie Wride, and the just released electrifying soundtrack to Summer Of '84 by Le Matos, this is a selection of the finest the genre has to offer at this time.

01. Le Matos - Summer of '84
02. Absolute Valentine - One Night in Miami 1986
03. Gunship - Dark All Day
04. Anoraak - Something About Us
05. The Midnight - America 2
06. You Drive - Cracked Plate
07. Mitch Murder - Program 893 - Instrumental
08. Hollywood Burns - Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor
09. Glitch Black - Army of the Dead
10. Ollie Wride - Overcome
11. Timecop1983 - Static (feat. The Midnight)
12. Alex - Hero (feat. Megan McDuffee)
13. Waveshaper - Stockholm 2358
14. Lazerpunk - VHS Horror
15. Meteor - Today Is Tomorrow
16. Electric Dragon - Communion (feat. Kriistal Ann)
17. Lucy In Disguise - Unknown Frequency
18. Volkor X - Beam
19. Occams Laser - New Blood
20. Robert Parker - End of the Night (feat. Doubleboy)

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