Anoraak: Something About Us

It does not seem long since the time those firm first steps in the career of synthwave master, Parisian producer and DJ, Anoraak, occurred, but it has been a whole ten years. Nightdrive With You, the artist's seminal debut album was released for the first time in 2008 via Endless Summer Recordings, and in the light of its ten year anniversary, it is being reissued, completely remastered, and releasing it on vinyl for the first time.

Alongside its eight original the new version will be enriched with several unreleased cuts and remixes of the same era, such as the just unveiled, Something About Us, a masterfully constructed retro pop track which makes one wonder how it hadn't seen the light of day all this time.

"Ten years ago i released my first record Nightdrive With You," shares the artist. "A lot happened since, I’m so thankful for the effect that record had on the past decade that I want to celebrate this anniversary as a proper re-issue, with a vinyl edition, a full remaster of the tracks, a bunch of exclusives and unreleased songs from that very time and more! I’m launching this Pledge campaign to involve you all in the process, and make it a real experience. I’m also preparing a brand new live set for September 2018, and i really hope the tour will come close to you!"

Pre-order the double vinyl edition via PledgeMusic.

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