Nothing: Blue Line Baby

Nothing shared the second single off the forthcoming Dance On the Black Top last week, and not only it sounded as impressive as anything else the Philadelphia four-piece have had to offer so far, but it also came with a wonderful video, written by the band's main songwriter, Dominic Palermo, directed by Ricardo Rivera and starring Sara Hiromi.

The song and clip were initially available only through Apple Music, and came out on the quiet, but it's everywhere now, supplemented by a behind the scenes commentary provided by Palermo.

The video depicts a modern take of Shakespeare's Ophelia set in Cambria, Philadelphia, a no-go district where Palermo grew up. Musically it is exactly what you'd expect from Nothing, a grungy, tuneful version of guitar-driven shoegaze which carries you away like an inescapable current.

Dance On the Blacktop is due out August 24th, 2018 on Relapse Records.

Photo by Ryan Lowry

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