Electric Peace: Greatest Hits 1981-1985 Sonic Remix

Electric Peace was a Los Angeles garage/punk rock act, active from 1981 to 1989. Previously released on vinyl as Road to Peace and Rest in Peace, Greatest Hits 1981-1985 Sonic Remix is comprised of fifteen songs and covers the band's period sometimes referred to as "the Greg Welsh years".

Electric Peace's was an enigmatic presence in punk rock, and their story involves a lot of mystery, intrigue and death. Guitarist Greg Welsh died from AIDS in 1990. Bassist/organist B.Kild went to prison in the nineties for a robbery conviction, and many years later, in 2014 he was murdered over a car repair. Drummer Jonathon Melvoin died in 1996 while on the road,touring with Smashing Pumpkins. The band's roster has also included the very much alive, Jay Ziskrout who went on to found Bad Religion, musician and actress Doby Daenger (My Name Is Earl), and other skillful punks, including a drummer whose name no one can remember.

This is garage rocking rawness and instinct at its finest. Dark, rough, psychedelic and energetic, not unlike the best of its time and kind, like The Cramps, The Fuzztones, The Meteors, Mentors or The Miracle Workers. It is impressive and underappreciated enough to register today as an obscure treasure, ready to be rediscovered all over again.

All photos © 1985 David Hermon


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