Undo: Way We Washout

Scottish four-piece, Undo, are gearing up for the release of their new EP, Vertigo, due out on Shoveitupyourcult Records this September.

The band formed in 2016, and already have come up with a full length album, three digital singles and a split seven-inch with fellow Glaswegian band, Jutland Songs, while they have supported live acts like Nothing, Football Etc., Adore//Repel, The Dismemberment Plan and The Icarus Line. Their sound draws mainly from post hardcore and post punk, still, their vividness fits well alongside all kinds of indie rock, and it steadily comes very well produced and delivered.

Way We Washout, the band's newest single is an accurate portrayal of their many-sided sound, and also of the sweet melancholy their art most often communicates.

The single was recorded at Chamber Studios with Graeme Young and Bruce Wallace.

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