Bad Flamingo: Lord Knows I Tried

With an enigmatic presence, a sound that blends soulful pop and traditional folk with desert rock and Americana, and their imposing Spaghetti Western aesthetics, Bad Flamingo have released a series of consistently impressive singles and beautiful Super 8 videos, without revealing much about themselves, and with a full length in the works, expected to drop very soon.

Although the duo seems very keen on maintaining the mystery, going as far as never getting their masks off and refer to themselves not by name, but as "the one on the left" and "the one on the right", the world will soon be interested to know more. Except for the coming debut LP, the music of Bad Flamingo is also expected to be featured in the upcoming Taylor Sheridan TV series, Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner.

In today's world of information overload, Bad Flamingo's existence appears like a haven in a Sergio Leone-imagined desert landscape. This is textbook, highly artistic Americana.

Lord Knows I Tried comes from the band's debut album I Said a Prayer Twice for Both My Faces, due out this summer.

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