Tender Age: Don't Mind

Since their formation in 2013, Portland-based noise-pop rockers, Tender Age, have come up with a couple of seven-inch singles and an EP, all of which demonstrated an auspicious young band with a lot of skill, and a tendency towards a tasteful, nineties-like, guitar-driven, heavy on reverb, shoegaze-y sound. After a change on their lineup, the band is ready with their coming full length, Becoming Real Forever, introduced by the brilliant single and LP opener, Don't Mind.

Don't Mind is a fantastic depiction of the band's knack for contrasting accessible pop melodiousness with racket and charming distortion, something that's been previously perfected by My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, and makes perfect sense in the hands of the promising young act. The accompanying video finds Tender Age vigorously performing behind an old brick building in Portland which served as their practice space, and it was produced by the band themselves.

Becoming Real Forever comes out July 9th, 2018 via Sinis Recordings.


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