King Dude: Time To Go To War

Dark folk rocker, King Dude, will be releasing his seventh studio album, Music To Make War To on August 24th via Ván Records. The prolific creator has also shared a new video for the album's opening track, Time To Go To War.

The clip is an ultra dark, moody and twisted take on the Last Supper, created in collaboration with Shaun Bass and Carmel Koster, and it is the first in a trilogy of videos in support of the album's release, so expect more King Dude-related news in the near future.

"In many ways the act of war creates the opportunity for great acts of courage, moments of compassion, times of reason, thoughts of regret and a deeper understanding of love," the artist comments on the record’s themes. "Now more than ever, in times like these when it appears that some invisible yet inevitable war is on the horizon, it is crucial to recall the past and the total reality of war."

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