Swine Tax: Tory Water

Although Newcastle's Swine Tax haven't been around very long, and despite their youthfulness, the upcoming trio seems to be carrying the properties of a mature and firm band, and with each new release they tend to sound sharper and wiser.

After their handful of notable singles from last year, the band is gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP, This Is Not a Band, the first sample off which comes in the form of a caustic, splendid new single.

Elements from noise rock, post punk and straightforward punk make up an engaging and impressive fusion which Swine Tax carry out with lifting enthusiasm and a lot of skill. Conscious, lively and uproarious, Tory Water stuns from the first listen, while it consequently raises the expectations for the lots this spirited band has left to give. Trust that there is more to come, and it's coming soon.

Swine Tax are Vince Lisle (vocals, guitar), Tom Kelly (vocals, bass) and Charlie Radford (drums).

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