Them Are Us Too: Grey Water

Cash Askew's presence in underground music was strong, and it is sorely missed. The late member of Them Are Us Too lost her life in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland.

With the help of Cash’s stepfather Sunny, her girlfriend Anya, and friends Josh Eustis and Matia Simovich, surviving member of Them Are Us Too, Kennedy Ashlyn, finished the demos that would have been the foundation for TAUT's second album, and put them together to comprise a six-song release, scheduled to drop June 29th via Dais Record.

Ashlyn describes the release in a statement: "Amends is a collection of songs that would have been the second Them Are Us Too record. This release is an amendment to our catalogue cut short; a final gift to our family, friends, and fans who have supported us for the past 5 years. Amends is a collaborative effort between TAUT and some of Cash’s dearest friends and family, culminating in a final 'thank you' and 'goodbye.' Nothing will ever compensate for the loss of Cash, but as we struggle to put together the pieces of what the world is now, what life is now, I hope this record can help to fill in the gaps. And give us some amount of peace."

The gracefully dark single, Grey Water, is the first track to surface off the forthcoming collection.

Repressing of the TAUT debut, Remain

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