Personality Cult: Loose Ends

Gearing up for the release of the project's debut on June 1st, James Clifford's Personality Cult have just shared another spirited track off the upcoming three-song EP.

Loose Ends feels like the organic continuation of the previously unveiled, Decay. Just like on the earlier single which is also the EP's opening track, the new song represents Clifford's knack for combining the grittiness of post punk with the charm of new wave, with the result being executed to perfection. This time around the sound steps into darker, more darkwave territories, originating something that feels equally gothic and punk, and provokes feelings of agitation and uncertainty. It brings to mind the early New Order, as much as it echoes the hardiness of The Stooges.

On the whole and in true punk fashion Personality Cult's self-titled EP is brief and to the point. Its longest track (the still unreleased, Sirens) clocks in at under the three-minute mark, still, Clifford's songwriting and great ear for deliberately unpolished production make up for its conciseness. You'd still want more, but you would also be very pleased with what you got.

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