Plastic Weather: Doppelgänger

Plastic Weather is a savvy, full of life and character, five-piece synthpunk band from Portland, Oregon. The band formed in 2016 and have been steadily making a name for themselves through their energetic live performances, and earlier this year they released their debut self-titled EP.

Revolving around serious and weighty themes of feminism, surviving abuse and dismantling the patriarchy, Plastic Weather's dynamic sound and overall stylish presence pulls influence from class acts like The B-52's, Le Tigre, The Faint and Lydia Lunch.

The result is a tight set of four danceable songs which blend a series of punk subgenres. Electropunk, post-punk and no wave come together in a faultless fusion, augmented by the instrumentation's heavy synths, vigorous rhythms and guitar lines, and the production's neatly echoing vocals.

The single, Doppelgänger, through its catchy synth hook which makes the song feel more familiar and accessible, would most likely be the one to lure you into Plastic Weather's weird, beautiful energy, but if you won't be staying for the whole shebang, you'll be missing out on something terrific.

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