Milk Kan: My Baby's Gone Viral on the Brain

If you like your country music as unconventional as it gets, weird, freaky and not deriving from the US, then London's Milk Kan is the choice to go with.

The band formed back in 2003 as a two-piece acoustic act, a collaboration between main songwriter, Scrappy Hood, and his best friend, guitarist Jimmy Blade. Since then the band has earned a lot of success and appreciation, received radio airplay on estimable shows like Steve Lamacq's, supported live first rate acts such as Violent Femmes, The Strokes and Babyshambles, released two full lengths and collaborated with Dolly Parton on a single.

Milk Kan's sound pulls influence from country as much as it does from completely dissimilar styles, like US southern rap, gothic and traditional folk. After a pretty extensive hiatus the band return with new material, The Country Glitch EP, comprised of five songs, with opener, My Baby’s Gone Viral on the Brain, being the first to surface.

Toying with the notion of bringing together the ancient and the ultramodern, the song is a bluesy earworm embellished with dark electronic textures and beats which point to hip hop, witch house and trap. It comes with a correspondingly eerie video, and as a whole it is impossible to ignore.

The Country Glitch EP comes out May 11th, 2018 on Blang Records.

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