Mamalarky: Mama's Bear

Raised in Austin, TX, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Mamalarky is a young, vivacious trio which draws influence from different and diverse sources, and has a brand new EP out, the exquisite Fundamental Thrive Hive.

The foundation of Mamalarky's attractive sound is firmly positioned on psychedelic pop, yet, the band often expand to approaches that feel more exploratory and more jazz oriented, resulting to something eccentric, engaging and ultimately much cultivated.

The trio describes their new EP as "a story book that explores the naivety of first love, the lasting bond of musical family, the warmth of group love, and inspired discussions born from long car rides." That aptly delineated warmheartedness is thoroughly laid out across the EP's four tracks which appear together like a tight unit.

Mama's Bear is one of the jazziest and bluesiest examples of Mamalarky's charming creativity, and it showcases the trio's notable flexibility between genres, and their notable songwriting strength.

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