Cecilia Ebba: Little Things

Swedish born, previously London-based, now in Copenhagen, Cecilia Ebba will be releasing her debut seven-track EP, Just Fantasy, on May 18th, 2018. Since her debut single, Sweet Summer Wine, from last year, Ebba has put out a series of excellent songs that fluctuate from indie folk to the more ethereal side of dreampop, and she has seen her reputation rightfully growing. Entirely independently, Ebba releases her music through her own imprint, Vilda Recordings.

Little Things, the EP's sweet and wistful closer, is a brief, yet, affecting piece which deftly balances between a more traditional, folk-inclined sound and Ebba's instinctive inclinations towards vast soundscapes, distortion and charmingly flawed harmoniousness. It is an accurate indication of the mesmeric and certainly alluring qualities in Ebba's sound, and it evinces an artist still on the rise and full of promise.

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