The Vivids: 999&13

After earning a lot of experience playing live alongside bands like Disappears, Tropic of Cancer, Tijuana Panthers, Sex Stains and The KVB, LA-based post-punk quartet, The Vivids have come up with their first full-length album, 999&13.

As a genre-ruinous beast that balances between edgy post-punk, crude proto-punk and a more avant-garde-inclined no wave sound, in all its rawness and straightforwardness, 999&13 is comprised of nine songs, which carry equal amounts of darkness, excitement and intricacy. Like an apocalyptic novel which unravels in LA's darkest spots, the album is the epitome of The Vivids' take on artful and sophisticated punk. It's full of complexity and intrigue, while centered on a theme of "self-destruction and self-renewal," which can pin down its audience from the first listen.

Even though the individual highlights are plenty, like the album's longest cut Equivalence of Form, the manic Just an Illusion or album closer Peak Shadow, the album demands to be listen to in its entirety, for a full on dark post-punk-infused experience.

The Vivids consist of Sim Jackson (vocals), Brendan Snyder (guitar), Manya Koolzemchenko (bass), and Gustov Mentzer (drums).

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