Waterman Fragment: Nature Abets

Waterman Fragment is an experimental recording project headed by Arthur Waterman (Boston, MA) and Anaximander Fragment (Santa Monica, CA). Although the duo has recently released its first LP under that moniker, the two artists began recording together in the early nineties' lo-fi/noise scene in Northern Connecticut.

Waterman Fragment's self-titled album is a strange case of absolute unconventionality, experimentation and dark DIY aesthetics, combined to a thought provoking, seamless blend of no-wave, post punk, noise and industrial.

The duo names track highlight, Nature Abets, as their "dark, abrasive, and unrelenting calling card," which although is extremely tough to parallel to anything else, could be perceived as a something that bridges the gap between a twistier version of The Fall and a more approachable variant of SPK.

Worth to note that the album was mastered by super producer, Kramer, at Noise Miami.

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