Nude Model: Darts

Nude Model is a four-piece hailing from Chicago whose raw sound matches and respects much the DIY ethics and the spirit of underground music, hardcore and post-punk.

Darts is part of the band's Double A-side single which came out last year, and will also be included in their upcoming full length, Crying Games, scheduled for release on March 22nd.

The band reveals to D//E that the Darts was "written in response to the senseless police brutality across the United States," and add: "Nude Model is for people that are moved by the heat and grinding energy of late seventies no wave and early nineties post-hardcore. This is not for the faint of heart."

As they frequently declare on their online presence, Nude Model's music is created with the use of electrified instruments, and it becomes evident on tracks like Darts that it contains a good bit of realness and gumption.

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