Glass Traps: Obron

Cleveland-based post punk five-piece, Glass Traps, have been steadily building towards the release of their exciting debut since 2015. The band's lineup is comprised of members of many diverse previous groups and projects, like Obnox, LMC6, Puffy Areolas, Terrorcake, Tonowandas, Wooly Boolies and Jump Cannon, and singer, Sarah Paul, a multifaceted artist focused on video, sound and performance art.

Glass Traps' self-titled, self-released debut is a tight, eight-song album which hints on the radical, influential spirit of post-punk's early years, as well as the darkness of the genre's more goth-inclined nature. The album's unambiguous sound can draw many parallels, first and foremost that to Siouxsie and the Banshees, as the fervent new band seems to be thinking highly of, and taking pleasure in its classy influences.

Album closer, Obron, is also the song that Glass Traps prefer to finish their live shows with. Sarah Paul reveals to D//E a little more about it: "This is my favorite Glass Traps song. We play it as a closer to just about every live show. I can't help it... Every time we try to use a different song last it just feels wrong. Lyrically it's about LeBron James coming back to Cleveland and feeling trapped there by his mom and questioned by the people... but ultimately we adore him and need him and it's gonna be okay. But that's not why I like to play it last. It's just this ultimate sonic climax in the end. I feel like I can't follow it with anything... I'm spent."

A physical release of the LP is out on a limited run of just 300 copies on vinyl, including original art by Kristina Kuhn.

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