Tropical Fuck Storm: You Let My Tyres Down / Back To The Wall

Tropical Fuck Storm is the Australian supergroup comprised of members of The Drones, High Tension and Harmony. The band has been around creating a name for themselves through their live shows and series of early singles, while in preparation for the release of their debut album on May 4th.

You Let My Tyres Down, their latest single comes with a super weird, surrealistic video which feels like an excerpt from a Pier Paolo Pasolini film, created by Chris Matthews who has worked with the band before on their video for the song Chameleon Paint, as well as with The Drones on a couple of instances.

The band's own, Gareth Liddiard, explains about the new single: "You Let My Tyres Down is basically about the real world; ordinary life, and how drab and featureless it seems, and then you write it down and you see it's pretty wild. They say that good books make shit movies and shit books make good movies. So if you're depressed and your life resembles a shit book, congratulations."

The single's B-side is a cool take on a classic by The Divinyls, Back To The Wall, which deserves your attention as much as side-A does.

Limited edition 7-inch

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