A Place to Bury Strangers: Never Coming Back

New music alert coming from the band that is responsible for some of the finest and heaviest shoegaze albums of the last few years, and also essential for the term "nu gaze" becoming quite popular, and being a thing in the first place.

Three years after Transfixiation, Brooklyn's A Place to Bury Strangers are ready with the release of their new album, Pinned. The LP drops April 13th via Dead Oceans and it is introduced by a new single and video, co-directed by the band's own Oliver Ackermann and Ebru Yildiz.

Ackermann states: "As things go on, you don’t want them to be stagnant. Being a band for ten years, it’s hard to keep things moving forward. I see so many bands that have been around and they’re a weaker version of what they used to be. This band is anti-that. We try to push ourselves constantly, with the live shows and the recordings. We always want to get better. You’ve got to dig deep and take chances, and sometimes, I questioned that. It took really breaking through to make it work. I think we did that."

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