The Braves: Side By Side

Side By Side is the second single from the upcoming album by Australian dark punksters, The Braves. Carry On The Con releases early 2018 coinciding with the band's tour of Europe, and the couple of tracks which have surfaced off it, emerge as some of the most mature and engaging pieces the band has put out so far.

Flying the flag of Aussie post punk high, The Braves stand out as a worthy successor of some of the most incredible bands of an equivalent style and the same origin while sounding true to their art and dark nature, and also appearing more ardent with each release and entirely authentic.

Even though their debut album, All Through Paradise, which came out a year ago, is not an easy number to follow, the band seems to be getting more competent while their writing echoes more effective, indicating that the best is yet to come for the Australian trio.


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