Idle Pilot: So-Sam Sam

Post-hardcore indie rockers, Idle Pilot, whose work we prominently enjoyed last summer through their split with Think Tank, and also their fistful of albums and EPs that came before it, return with a concept album disguised as a fairy tale book, and beautifully illustrated by the band's own Mike Searcy and Alex Miller.

The outline of Animals & People revolves around six different characters and the morally ambiguous town that they live in. Each track narrates the story of one of those characters, with So​-​So Sam being the first of the album's seven tracks we get to listen. Despite its conciseness, the song emerges fully engaging and demonstrates the Boston trio's avidity and their absorbing storytelling songwriting, while as per usual it is directly oriented towards a more technical math-rock sound.

Animals & People releases January 26th, 2018.


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