D//E Playlist: Stream And Destroy Vol. 2

The second volume of Stream And Destroy arrives kind of overdue as it's been almost two months since the previous one that initiated the new series of playlists of fresh and upcoming music that we take delight in at the D//E base. It is finally here though and it features a fresh batch of a dozen tracks that gracefully bid 2017 adieu.

First off, lo-fi up and comer, Loz Keystone, has just put out his debut album, To Feel Love, an intimate and esoteric set of songs the entirety of which stands out for its quirky darkness and deserves all the recognition it can get. Nothing Wrong which kicks off the playlist is one of the most enjoyable heartbreakers we've heard in a long while.

Sweden's Wy finally released their long awaited new album, Okay, and What Would I Ever Do, the duo's latest single, feels like the hundredth impressive single off their solid debut. Perth, Australia's dreampop duo, Corniglia, have their self-titled first album yet to be released, while the first single But It Wasn't That Long Ago paves the way quite warmly and intriguingly. The third duo in a row, Silver Liz, have also been steadily splendid with each of the single releases that preceded their excellent album, I Can Feel The Weight, and getting to dig deeper into the LP can be even more satisfying due to album cuts such as the mind-blowing San Junipero.

L.A. indie punk band, The Fontaines, have a new four-track EP out, Playboys, the title track of which flows full of energy and frankness; London's L.A. Salami emerges with a contemporary blues-rock sound and feel and strong potential for eventually crossing over into the mainstream, while modern post-punksters, Shame, also from London could be the next big thing in indie rock when their debut album drops this January.

Another entry from London is Brunch, a four-piece whose dynamic sound evokes a lot of memories from the fuzzy indie rock of legendary acts such as Dinosaur Jr., Pavement and Guided by Voices. Hailing from Sweden, CO SONN's dirty, take-no-prisoners rock 'n' roll is just nuts and impossible to ignore.

The new album by Bay Area post-punk greats, The Soft Moon, is scheduled for release early next year, and the first couple of kind of industrial-tinged singles off it have been ultra promising. The latest of those is called It Kills, and it does...

One of our favorite synthwave creators at the moment is back with a weighty new album, more of which we'll be analyzing in the weeks to come. Queen Of Vengeance is a gorgeous cut off Confrontational's new album, The Burning Dawn, which features the contribution of the great Trevor Church of Beastmaker.

Lastly, Canadian post punk band, 1971, say farewell to their audience with a touching a tribute to founding member, Cameron Glen Cranston, who suddenly passed away early this year. Their EP No Matter Where You Go, There You Are off which comes the breathtaking Anxiety (In The Depths Of Northwestern Ontario), consists of the last existing of the band's recordings with Cameron.

Stream And Destroy Vol.2 is the last playlist of new material for 2017. The End Of Year lists will be coming throughout December as usual, and Destroy//Transmit continues on Fridays. Stay tuned for all that's coming.


01. Loz KeyStone - Nothing Wrong
02. Wy - What Would I Ever Do
03. Corniglia - But It Wasn't That Long Ago
04. Silver Liz - San Junipero
05. The Fontaines - Playboys
06. L.A. Salami - Generation L(ost)
07. Shame - One Rizla
08. Brunch - Wabbata 1
09. CO SONN - behave
10. The Soft Moon - It Kills
11. Confrontational f/ Trevor W. Church - Queen of Vengeance
12. 1971 - Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario)


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