That Gum U Like: Killer

That Gum U Like is a newly founded duo from Brazil, comprised of Andressa D. and Fábio Popinigis, also of electronic duo, DeltaFoxx. The band's enchanting sound draws inspiration from different styles like shoegaze, dreampop and downtempo electronica, while among their influences they mention acts such as Cocteau Twins, The xx, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Flume.

The duo's upcoming EP is titled The Black Lodge, which just like the band's moniker is another straight reference to the twisted world of Twin Peaks.

Killer, the band's debut single and first taste off their EP, bursts out for its sweet on the ears production and electronic instrumentation, as well as for the excellent, atmospheric and full of character female vocal delivery, and overall protrudes as a firm and much promising first effort.

The Black Lodge releases on  December 8th by Brazilian label Quadrado Mágico.

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