D//E Premiere: H A G H O R R O R: Der Neue Kult

H A G H O R R O R is the project by Berlin's Dmitri Voronianski who has previously emerged with his main act, Ksmtk. With H A G H O R R O R Voronianski breaks away from his dreamwave alter ego and focuses more on the darker and more minimal facets of his sound.

Der Neue Kult is the project's debut release, and it is comprised by three tracks, including the self titled centerpiece which streams for the first time ever right below. The song successfully brings together the mood and sound of Berlin's minimal techno club scene with a darker and more melodious approach, looking over for influence at kind of diverse but always classy sources, such as the early Chromatics recordings and the minimalism of some of the proto-industrial legends like Suicide and Throbbing Gristle.

"The recording process took place between 10 PM and 6 AM on a day-to-day basis in my Berlin apartment with very limited setup and using mostly hardware analog synthesizers and cheap sequencers like Korg SQ-1," the artist reveals, and rightly considers this fit to accompany some dark and cold, fictitious indie horror flick.

The DIY video that comes with the song is comprised of visuals taken from a couple of incredible cartoons from the early thirties, Disney's Silly Symphony - Egyptian Melodies and Betty Boop Snow White by Fleischer Studios.

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