Knifesex: Sex & Death

Babalon is an apocalyptic Goddess whose story originates in the Book of Revelations and also found among the writings of Aleister Crowley and The Book of the Law, published in 1904. She often represents the female sexual impulse, she is an icon for for feminism and she is also identified with Mother Earth.

Producer and DJ Vanessa Irena is Knifesex, formally of The Harrow, Synesect, and former live performance member of Public Memory, and Babalon is her debut solo album which was just released on 3t3rnal Records, and it is heavily influenced by and dedicated to the aforementioned deity.

While the album draws a lot from varied musical styles like post-industrial, noise, and trip hop, it is also based on weighty themes such as feminism and spirituality, more inclined towards witchcraft and the occult, and it was created within a purely ritualistic context, "intended to induce trance states for ritual and magical workings."

Sex & Death is the first single off Babalon, a strong post-industrial track with a low-key, yet, genuinely ominous tone and an eccentric spark that makes the whole listening experience an intriguing and fascinating engagement.

The track was featured on a compilation comprised of female artists only, titled Coven and produced by Carl Abrahamsson. The record is dedicated to the memory of Lady Jaye Breyer-P-Orridge, and it was released on Halloween through Highbrow Lowlife.

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Coven on Highbrow Lowlife

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