D//E Premiere: VSTRS: Brilliant Violence

Detroit five-piece, VSTRS will be releasing their charmingly titled second album, Pandemonium Seesaw, on November 4th which was recorded at Detroit's famous Tempermill Studio.

VSTRS began 2013 as a way of local musicians to improvise and collaborate, but since then the band has grown to become a full on psychedelic art rock outfit with a clear vision and a well crafted, hazy sound that flirts with both shoegaze and psychedelic/space rock, while is inclined to a richer and more abundant cinematic sound.

Michael O'Connor, the band's lead guitarist, singer and main songwriter comments on Brilliant Violence: "This one is about escapism; but in a more metaphysical sense. Suspending your reality, shedding your skin and slowing down to try and see clearer the fundamental nature of your being. Brilliant Violence doesn't reflect anything about the outside world, it's more about destroying your own ego. A kind of 'Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out' if you will.

"I really love the playing and collaboration the band brought to this. Eric, Zach, DJ and Katie all perfectly nailed the idea musically."

The eye-popping video that comes with Brilliant Violence owes its wonderful visuals to two amazing experimental short films: Hy Hirsch's La Couleur de la Forme from 1960, and Jerry Abrams' Eyetoon from 1968.

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