D//E Exclusive Premiere: Routine Death: Life Inside A Vacuum

A 7,000 mile distance didn't hold back the two members of the dark band, Routine Death, from forming in 2015, therefore the tenacity and firmness in the band's gritty and twisted sound do not come as a surprise. Routine Death began in 2015 between two bedrooms, one in Gothenburg, Sweden and another in Austin, Texas, when the two musicians started sending music to each other. The correspondence led to a full-length titled Parallel Universes which will be out in the wild next Spring.

Until then, we have Life Inside A Vacuum ready to stream for the first time right below, the upcoming LP's first single, a gloomy song inspired by the feeling of being constantly on the move but never really going anywhere. In all its lo-fi superiority, the track leans more heavily towards post-punk and darkwave, it is fully goth-tinged, but also winks with devilry at shoegaze and obscure psychedelia. With distortion in full effect, the melancholic, shadowy female vocals complete the dark package, highlighting the tune's eerie atmosphere, while its stuttering drum beat contributes even more to the listener's discomfort.

Life Inside A Vacuum releases November 17th, and the album, Parallel Universes is due out in the Spring of 2018 on the trusty Black Hair Records.


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