Brenda: Beard Of Bees

Toronto four-piece, Brenda, have been around for a few year creating their punk rocking parts of their existence as individuals, and as a band they gave shape to their current formation back in 2015. After a couple of years they are finally ready with the release of their debut EP, Creeper.

Beard Of Bees is an energetic relentless killer. It is all fuzzed out, it is raw and it is wildly executed with a frantic vocal delivery that screams of the band's fervency and their garage rocking filth wrapped up in a colorful psychedelic mantle and eventuating to something absolutely frantic. It is the fastest and possibly the most imposing track on the EP, and it calls for merciless headbanging and repeated listens.

Creeper is set for release on November 17th, and it also deserves numerous repeated listen in its entirety.

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