To Destroy A City: Never To Return

To Destroy A City is a Chicago-based post rock trio comprised of Andrew Welch, Jeff Anderson, and Michael Marshall. The band is about to release its third full length album, Go Mirage, on n5MD on October 20th which marks their return since Sunless from 2014.

Go Mirage is also the trio's trial effort with vocals, courtesy of guitarist Michael Marshall who provides his subtle and elegantly articulated vocal delivery over the band's signature guitar-driven arrangements, enhanced with cinematic ambiance and intriguingly textured electronic instrumentation, in a similar manner Mogwai managed to successfully break through the instrumental post rock stereotype with Rock Action or like how The Album Leaf earned their prominence within fans of the genre and beyond for their outside of the box kind of thinking and their innovative compositions.

Never To Return is a magnificent listen, a wealthy sounding production, melodious and well strung together without overplaying anything, and an exemplary first single that raises the excitement and the anticipation for what this fine band's near future holds.


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