The Braves: People

Compared to the grittiness of All Through Paradise, the debut full length album by Melbourne's The Braves which came out earlier in the year, this new piece of music we get from the band in such quick succession feels a tiny bit more accessible, still much exciting and stimulating like everything else we've heard from the fairly overlooked dynamic trio this far. To put it in the band's fellow Aussie Nick Cave's terms, if their early releases were The Boys Next Door and their debut album was The Birthday Party, then would be something like the early Bad Seeds.

The band's upcoming album will be intriguingly titled Carry On The Con and it's due out February 2018 through Spooky Records.. People, the first single is "a call to arms to the beautiful fuckers who believe in a bit of sincerity and passion in this world of intense over information," and it is accompanied by a quite simple but engaging video which represents the song's title accurately, as it just depicts people hanging around, not doing anything special.

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