Permahorn: My Blood Carries My Dreams Away

Scottish/Serbian London-based duo, Permahorn, cook up a perfect amalgamation of nineties slowcore and shoegaze, drawing influences majorly from great acts like Low, Galaxie 500, The Red House Painters and Arab Strap. Their debut album has just been announced for release on December 1st via producer Kramer's newfound vinyl-only label, Shimmy-500, and it's charmingly titled My Blood Carries My Dreams Away.

The album's title track jumps out like a fine example of the duo's wistful, bright and feedback-filled sound, brought to he maximum of its capacity by Kramer who mixed and mastered the upcoming LP, after he selected eleven tracks from an initial group of many demos, taking in his care the songwriting abilities of the duo, comprised of Saint Pauly (guitar, vocals, percussion, knobs) and Jexy Pesic (bass, vocals, drums, switches). The song's themed around dreams and apparently it sounds like a recurring one through its backward loops and transcendental but totally familiar spirit.

For the record, Kramer's body of work so far includes collaborations with names like Galaxie 500, Bongwater, Daniel Johnston, Half Japanese, Shockabilly, Butthole Surfers and Low, so if you trust any of those, you should also place your confidence in the up and coming Permahorn.

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