Forest Swords: Congregate b/w Free

Even though we haven't had the chance to cover the latest album by English producer and artist, Forest Swords, which came out five months ago to critical acclaim and sounds nothing short of brilliant, now we get a look at some of the album's outtakes.

Congregate is a completely beatless track which was recorded during the sessions for the second full length by Forest Swords, Compassion. The track is now is being part of the single Congregate b/w Free, a song initially released as a bonus track in the Japanese edition of Compassion. The single comes out in aid of hurricane and earthquake relief work in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

The enchanting video that accompanies Congregate was directed by Matthew Barnes himself, the mastermind behind the Forest Swords moniker, and it features the work of origami artist Fynn Jackson.

Congregate is founded on contemplative, transformed choral chants and in a way, owing to the strong relation to the preceding full length, it reflects the arresting soundscapes of Compassion, it distills and converts it to an even more reflective and meditative listening experience.

Congregate b/w Free is out now on Ninja Tune.

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