JW Ridley: Jaguar Spring

Without a doubt 2017 has been a terrific year for newcomer JW Ridley due to the series of single releases he has delivered so far, which led to his self-produced, self-titled debut EP, just released on Some Kinda Love / [PIAS].

The musing weightiness of Jaguar Spring, is among the standout moments in the hopeful musician's EP, a work written and recorded in his own childhood bedroom and required countless hours of his craftmanship at a time when he had left his London base and became isolated in his family’s suburban home to focus on his music. Only four songs long, Jack's first EP does not leave much room for fillers or stalling. Instead, it exhibits the guy's remarkable knack for writing and genre bending, and it does not take more than a first listen to win you over. This has "promising" written all over it.

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