Death Of Lovers: The Absolute

Remember Death Of Lovers, the band that features three quarters of Nothing and which almost four years ago released that wonderful EP, Buried Under A World Of Roses...? I've been revisiting that four year old EP these days for no apparent reason (other than its awesomeness and how much I loved it when it first came out), fascinated by its sound and kind of dissatisfied with how I thought this project hadn't gone any further than that EP, when out of the blue Death Of Lovers came back on the news with a new release, this time an entire full length.

As it turns out we're not even that far away from that forthcoming album, which will be titled, The Acrobat, and will be released November 24th on the incredible DAIS Records.

The band's own Nicky Palermo comments: "Since the release of our first EP in 2014 there have been many thoughts and directions whisking in and out our heads of what indeed the debut LP of Death Of Lovers would sound like. But since touring and writing has been non stop it's been virtually impossible to sit down and write. Until this past October when saw a small breach of light and instead of collecting ourselves mentally and psychically from the music overdosing, we jumped into another black hole of uncertainty and to be perfectly honest it's been my favorite recording process to date.
It was nice to have a certain bit of freedom from consistently writing both music and lyrical content in a certain manner. I felt I was able to explore a brighter side of all the chaos in this solar system and rather than amass myself under a blanket of hopelessness, kind of let it tickle me, at times anyway. It's nice when you can occasionally find yourself in that place where you see how amazing it all is even though you're completely aware of how utterly sad it is at the same time and feel Ok about it. Maybe that's positivity, I really hope not. I think we all understood that was the direction where this was going."

The Absolute is the first single that introduces us to the new, revived version of Death Of Lovers, and it sounds different, more polished and sophisticated than the band's previous effort, still, dark and certainly arresting.

The music video for The Absolute comes courtesy of Amanda Siegel who has previously offered the world great looking music videos by Drab Majesty, Body Of Light, Harassor and others.

This is exciting...

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